How To Treat Extremely Dry Scalp

The problem of extremely dry scalp affects men and women equally, both young and old. On the long term, this may lead to hair loss and to eventual discomfort. In many cases, the situation of your scalp can send you a message about some serious medical problems you may be experiencing.

In order to counter and prevent such a problem, you should carefully observe for any signs of scalp problems. You should avoid using shampoos and various cosmetics with a high concentration of chemical substances that may affect your natural PH. In case the effects continue and even more, you witness scalp psoriasis, you should address it immediately by contacting your doctor in order to take the right medical steps.

The Causes of Extremely Dry Scalp

The specialists identified several causes of the extremely dry scalp. The most important causes are:

• Stress and various hormonal imbalances

• Pollution that may produce dry itchy scalp and also scalp psoriasis

• Exposure to the sun – This may also create the effect of dry hair.

• Allergies to certain foods that may manifest itself through scalp psoriasis and dry itchy scalp.

• Shampoos and cosmetics with a high chemical concentration may create an itchy scalp. In the same category you should include cosmetics, creams, gels and various substances used for regular hairdressing.

How to Fight the Effects of Dry Scalp

Currently you can find various treatments on the market for fighting extremely dry scalp and scalp psoriasis. You can opt between natural treatment and medication. The final decision in this respect should belong to your doctor that may ask you to do some additional medical questions. In fact, for each type of sources of scalp maladies, you need to apply different remedies.

For example, in the case of dry hair, you should use a natural shampoo that may stimulate the hydration. The scalp psoriasis could be treated with antibiotics.

Natural Remedies for Dry Scalp

Tea Tree Oil can help with extremely dry scalpHerbalists and experts in the domain of natural medicine are recommending the use of several remedies that may stop and prevent the appearance of such unpleasant phenomenon. The most used natural remedies are:

• Shea butter that stimulates the cell regeneration and increase the level of the capillary circulation.

• Tea Tree Oil is usually used for treating various skin infections and scalp disorders such as scalp psoriasis and dry scalp.

• Urea is another traditional remedy for treating the maladies of the scalp and is considered an efficient weapon in countering itchy scalp.

Your scalp problems can appear again at any time if the basic conditions producing it are met. In order to avoid it, you should be careful with the kind of products you are using. Some shampoos and hair cosmetics may be prominently featured in the media, but this does not mean that there are really healthy for your scalp. You should learn how to read the list of ingredients from your cosmetics and be able to identify which one would harm the well-being of your scalp. Treatment may also not be needed if you just have dandruff. To learn more, read our article on Dry Scalp vs. Dandruff.